Cuisines are mirrors reflecting the history of a society, at the same time every contact and interchange with other societies leaves a culinary mark in the cuisine of a country. In this respect Turkish Cuisine is a mirror of particular diversity.

It is said that Turkish Cuisine is one of three major kinds of the cuisine exist in the world. It fully justifies its reputation and is always a pleasant suprise to the visitors.

Turkish Cuisine varies accross the country. The cooking in Istanbul and Bursa includes a lot of elements of Ottoman Cuisine, however with a lighter use of spices. The cuisine of Black Sea Region (northern shore of Turkey) uses fish extensively, especially the Black sea anchovy known as hamsi. In the south-eastern cities like Urfa, Gaziantep and Adana, the cuisine is consist of variety of kebabs, mezes and dough-based desserts such as baklava, kadayif, kunefe.

In the western and southern Turkey olive trees grow vastly, thus olive oil is the nmajor type of oil used for cooking. The cuisines Aegean (western shore) and Mediterranean (southern shore) regions are rich in vegetables and herbs , especially cooked in olive oil.

In Turkey everybody can find a food suitable for own diet and taste. All mezes are vegetarian and also there are many vegetarian meals so if meat is not included in your diet, you have plenty of option…

There are different types of restaurants available in Turkey. Lokanta’s are restaurants where pre-cooked meals are served. They are cooked in the morning for lunch and afternoon for dinner and they are kept warm over boiling water. There are many places in Sultanahmet offering such food so all you need to do is to choose among the food available on warm trays.

Kebab Houses are another type of restaurants where you can find a wide variety of kebabs and mezes. It is a common mistake to think that kebab is one type. There are hundred types of kebab available in Turkey.. So you can try a few of them in one of the kebab houses in Sultanahmet..

You an also try pide, which is a dough and different ingredients on it baked in the traditional stone ovens. You can even call it Turkish Pizza.

Turkish Cuisine is another maybe one of the main reason to come and visit Istanbul.