If you are visitng only Istanbul but curious about rest of Turkey however do not have enough time make a round trip of Turkey and especially if you have kids with you then a trip to Miniaturk is essential.

Miniaturk is one of the largest miniature parks in the world. It was opened in 2003 and aims to create a fairy tale atmophere to the visitors. Especially kids can feel themselves like Gulliver among the small size of monuments in the park.

The Miniaturk is divided into three main sections; Anatolia in other words Asia Minor, Istanbul, and former Ottoman territories. The sections are seperated from each other by small landscape designs. A lot of effort spend to include every civilization that ruled in and around Anatolia, and left a mark. Miniaturk includes traces of 3000-year history from Ancient world to Byzantines, from Seljuks to Ottoman Empire and into today.

Boshporus Bridge, Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, Clock Tower of Izmir, Yivli Minaret of Antalya, ancient theater of Aspendos, Fairy Chimnyes of Cappadocia, traditional stone houses of Mardin are a few samples of the monuments you can see in Miniaturk.

Miniaturk is located where Golden Horn ends, thus not far away from Old Town of Istanbul. Public transportation is available to get to Miniaturk. From Sultanahmet, if you walk to Eminonu you can find the main bus station where you can find buses . If you are with kids then you can ask your reception to call a taxi for you.