Snow Skiing Places Near Istanbul

Due to its location, Istanbul is close to nearly everything. You can do day trip to many places around Istanbul, as well as two snow skiing resorts. The closest one is Kartepe formerly known as Keltepe is in the south east of Kocaeli-Izmit province and only one and a half hour away from Istanbul. Kartepe Ski Centre is located at … Read More


Winter sets in Istanbul from mid December to mid March, and the temperature is generally below 10 degrees Celcius. Although there are sunny days most of the time the sky is gray. It snows for a week and leaves the city in a picturesque view. However this doesn’t mean that the life stops , just goes on in a little … Read More


The roots of Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, are in Turkey. Saint Nicholas was a historic 4th-century Christian  saint and Greek Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, today’s Demre in Turkey. It is said that he used to drop bags of money through chimneys to help poor people. This legendary habit of him giving secret gifts created the … Read More


Turkey adopted the the Greorian calendar in 1926 when Ottoman Empire declined. Before that, a solar-based Islamic calendar was in use. In 1935 Turkish Parliament made 1st of January an official public holiday so the concept of New Year celebration was formed and Turkish people borrowed some Christmas traditions. This is why starting from mid december you can see many … Read More


Turkey has such a spot where the 3 continents of the world, Europe, Asia and Africa are very close to each other. Due to its geographical position it is a natural bridge between Asia and Europe. Istanbul, the most popular city of Turkey,  is the only city in the world located on two continents. Asia meets Europe in this fascinating … Read More


Football is the most popular sport in Turkey. The modern football started in Turkey towards the end of 19th C. In those times, as it conflicted with muslim beliefs it was only played by non-muslim minorities but watched by muslim community. Football was introduced by English residents of Istanbul.  First they established Cadi-keuy ( currently Kadıköy) Football Club, and then … Read More


Raki is a local spirit which is an unsweetened alcoholic beverage flavored with aniseed. It is popular not only in Turkey but also in Greece, Iran, Turkic and Balkan countries, but in Turkey it is consider as National dirnk.. It is also similar to several other alcoholic beverages like pastis, sambuca, ouzo, arak which are available in countries around Mediterranean … Read More


Turkish Cuisine includes a wide variety of desserts as well as kebabs and mezes. Some of the desserts are with milk, some with fruit and some with dough and syrup. The most popular dessert is Baklava and Turkey is proud of being the homeland of such a great taste. Baklava is a rich and sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts … Read More


Cuisines are mirrors reflecting the history of a society, at the same time every contact and interchange with other societies leaves a culinary mark in the cuisine of a country. In this respect Turkish Cuisine is a mirror of particular diversity. It is said that Turkish Cuisine is one of three major kinds of the cuisine exist in the world. … Read More


If you are visitng only Istanbul but curious about rest of Turkey however do not have enough time make a round trip of Turkey and especially if you have kids with you then a trip to Miniaturk is essential. Miniaturk is one of the largest miniature parks in the world. It was opened in 2003 and aims to create a … Read More