Turkish Cuisine includes a wide variety of desserts as well as kebabs and mezes. Some of the desserts are with milk, some with fruit and some with dough and syrup.

The most popular dessert is Baklava and Turkey is proud of being the homeland of such a great taste.

Baklava is a rich and sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. It is a characteristic dessert of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, and is also found in Central and West Asia.

In Turkey, baklava is traditionally made by filling between the flaky  layers of dough with pistachio, walnut, almond. In Black Sea Region, the North Coast of Turkey hazelnut is the main filling for baklava as a lot of hazelnut is grown there..On the other hand Gaziantep, a Turkish city on the Syrian border, is famous for its pistachio baklava and it considers itself as the native city for this dessert. In 2008, the Turkish patent office registered a geographical indication for Antep Baklava, and in 2013, Antep Baklavası or Gaziantep Baklavası was registered as a Protected Geographical Indication by the European Commission. 

Whilst you are in Istanbul you can try this delicious dessert in many places but the best one can be found in “Faruk Güllüoğlu Baklavaları”, the nearest shop close to old town is in Karaköy, or “Hacı Bekir” , the nearest shop is very close to Egyptian Bazaar or you can check with reception to get the direction to the best baklava.